Describe a photo of yourself that you like (or you have taken)

Describe a photo of yourself that you like (or you have taken)

You should say

  • When it was taken?
  • Where it was taken?
  • Who took it? or How you took it?
  • Explain how you felt about the photo

Sample Answer:

Well, I would love to talk about a beautiful photo of me when I was a cute baby. If I speak about the year, it was 1997. I was almost 3 years old at that time.  

Actually, I was at my uncle Sunny’s home, and this picture was taken outside the living room of his home. My family visited my uncle’s place to attend his wedding ceremony. In this picture, I am sitting on an antique wooden chair.

My dad captured the photo with his camera. Honestly, he was a great photographer. Even though he was a lawyer, but he knew everything about photography. I still have this camera at my home. However, it does not work anymore. 

Indeed, I look cute in a beautiful grey shirt and blue jeans. My facial expression shows that I was a bit confused. I am not sure why I was so confused in the picture. But still, it is the best picture of me, and I love it so much. 

This childhood photo of me always refreshes my memories with my father. He used to capture my pictures a lot when I was a kid. Believe me, I look so lovely in this picture that I always show it to the people I love the most.  

Thank you!

Follow-Up Questions related to the topic “Describe a photo of yourself that you like (or you have taken)”.

  1. Do Indian people like to take photos of themselves?
    Definitely, they love to capture themselves a lot. Nowadays, people often click themselves due to the availability of camera phones, and it has become a trend to click selfies.
  2. What kinds of devices do people like to use for taking photos these days?
    Most people use cell phones to take pictures because cell phones are pretty handy. Moreover, cell phones give people the power to share their photos instantly on social media.
  3. Why do some people like to delete photos?
    When people delete photos, they do either because they find them not good enough for their reputation; Sometimes, they remove them to protect their privacy.
  4. Why do some people like to keep photos?
    Some people love to make albums of their memories in the form of photo albums. It gives them the chance to quickly go back into the time and refresh those moments.
  5. Has the way people take photos changed?
    Yes, it has changed to a great extent. Earlier, people needed to buy Film Roll to click the pictures. Moreover, people couldn’t take unlimited shots with those film rolls. However, now it is free because cell phone cameras do not require film roles

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