Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know?

I remember a time when my friend was in need of a laptop for a project he was working on, and his laptop had suddenly stopped working. He had a deadline to meet, and without a laptop, he would not have been able to complete his work. That’s when he reached out to me, asking if he could borrow my laptop for a few days until he was able to get his laptop fixed.

I knew how important it was for him to complete his project on time, and I also knew that I had a spare laptop that I could lend him. I agreed to lend him my laptop, and we arranged a time for him to come over and pick it up.

I made sure to take a backup of all my important files and data before handing over the laptop to him, and I also briefed him about the laptop’s features and how to take care of it. I trusted him, and I knew he would take good care of it.

He used the laptop for a few days and returned it to me once he had finished his project. I was happy to have been able to help him out and relieved that he was able to complete his work on time.

This experience taught me the value of lending a helping hand to a friend in need. It also made me realize the importance of being prepared and having backup options, which could be useful not just for me but also for those around me.

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