A Product You Bought But dissatisfied about

A Product You Bought But dissatisfied about 

  • what was the product 
  • from where did you buy it
  • what was not satisfying 


I like to share my unpleasant experience with Eureka Forbes and their product “Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV” water purifier. I bought this product from the Amazon online portal and paid almost 10K Indian rupees($134) for this product. However, in return, I got bogus excuses, lies, and pathetic customer service. 

I would start from the beginning. When the product reached my home, I felt sad after looking at a whole bunch of scratches on the back of the water purifier. So, I decided to return it to Amazon. They replaced the product and sent me a new item of the same model. Frankly speaking, it also had a few scratches, which I decided to ignore because it gave me the sense that Eureka Forbes might not give a damn about product handling while packaging. 

Almost 18-20 days after the installation of Eureka Forbes’s Aquaguard water purifier stopped working. Yes, it just stopped after a maximum of 20 days. I registered my complaint, and the technician visited my home and checked the product but not thoroughly. He said the power adapter is faulty, and I will replace it tomorrow morning, but he did not come ever.

I am highly disappointed with the humans behind this company. Now I feel like they all are after money and customer satisfaction is not their primary concern. Every time I write them an email, they generate a new ticket instead of giving an adequate reason for not fixing it. You will get only excuses and white lies from the support staff. I hope one day Eureka Forbes will start giving a damn about its customers, and until then, I will never buy their products and neither I will recommend them to anyone.


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