Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in

Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in

You should speak about:

  • What it was about
  • Where you saw/heard it
  • Who was involved
  • And explain why people were interested in it

Sample Answer:

I love reading news regardless of its genre. However, I prefer reading offline, but nowadays, I have switched to ebooks and online newspapers because of the Covid-19. The news I am going to talk about also has a connection with Corona Virus. More than 3000 people have died in my city in just one month because of the deadly virus. Due to this, people were pretty scared. 

However, citizens got relaxed after the launch of various vaccinations to boost the immune system. But still, many wanted to know the effectiveness of the vaccination. Everyone wanted to know what are the side effects of the vaccination and how it works? 

Even I was curious to find the answers. I read this news on the website of a Newspaper with real-world data. Even WHO has also cleared the air about the effectiveness of the vaccination. There are some side effects as other medicines have like fever, headache, and nausea etc. Doctors recommend staying at the vaccination centre after taking the jab for at least 15 minutes. If the patient feels anything strange, he/she can get medical attention immediately. Most of the people got relaxed because of this positive news. 

However, it is a bit early to say how safe it would be for pregnant women because trials are still in progress. Research is also going on for people who are allergic to medicines and children below 12. I hope Pharma companies and the scientist would soon bring the good news regarding this.

People were interested in this news because they wanted to protect themselves from the negative impacts of the Covid-19. With the help of vaccination, it is possible to beat the virus because these vaccinations are more than 90% effective, as I read in the news. 

Thank you!

Note: This cue card does not give any medical advice. If you have any question regarding the vaccination or Covid-19, please consult your doctor or visit the website of the World Health Organisation. When you go out, please don’t forget to wear a mask. Stay safe, stay healthy. 


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