The job you would not like to do in the future – Cue Card

The job you would not like to do

  • What is the job
  • Why you don’t want to do it?
  • How do you feel about the job?

You should speak about some job which you don’t like to do. Even if you have no idea, then speak about some task from your current job which you don’t like to do. Think about it, Check out the sample answer that how I made my answer.

Sample Answer:

  • It is a quite hard question, and as a matter of time, I have to speak on this! no worries ?
  • Professionally, I am a Software Engineer and frankly speaking, I would not even think to give up this job in a nearby future. However, once I got a project in which my project manager assigned me a weird job of designing the Frontend of the software alongside the Backend.
  • He was impressed by one of my small works which I did just for fun during my leisure time at the office, and I did not realize that this fun would cost me so dearly.
  • Somehow I agreed as I was not aware of the obstacles I was gonna face. As a Backend programmer, I can work logically but creatively oh my god because I am not a creative person.
  • One needs to be very creative to design things. While working on the designing of the Graphical User Interface, I decided that this was my first and last designing project.
  • I finished this project with the help of my friend Bhala. He is the master of creativity, and he helped me a lot to finish that arduous job of designing. I thanked him by bringing on board of Software development team of my company.
  • Even though I am an IT guy, I was feeling low while working on the designing part of the GUI.
  • That day, I realized that I am just a programmer, not a full-stack developer, and in the future, I would never do frontend designing job.

Thank You!

Now it’s your time to think about “The job you would not like to do in the future”. It is always a good idea to develop your own answer. Think and Comment your answer in the comment section.

Follow Up Questions:

  1. What kind of jobs do young people prefer?
    People desire to do such jobs which let them work independently. I mean to say where they get the chance to show their creative minds. For example, if I talk specifically about those who are inclined towards public relation, they want to do a job as a journalist or radio jockey.
  2. Some people will lose their jobs because of technology, how to deal with it?
    I believe the onus is on the shoulder of employers they should provide training to their old employees. I have seen many people lose their job merely because they were not familiar with the electronic system. Thus, organisations should take care of such employees.
  3. Will you settle down in another country?
    Yes, I am thinking to move to Canada because there are tremendous opportunities for a person who is from an IT background. Also, my siblings live there, so I want to live with them.
  4. How do young people today decide their career?
    Nowadays, young people have access to technology. Before taking the last step, they seek help from career counsellors via online websites. They provide them with detailed knowledge about that field along with its scope.

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