Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met

Describe A difficult challenge you Completed or met

You should say:

  • What was the challenge?
  • When and where did you complete/met it?
  • Why was it difficult?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer:

  • Well, I am a tough guy who loves to accept challenges.
  • Today, I would like to tell you about a quite challenging thing which I did to fulfil my dream.
  • Since my childhood, I wanted to join the Air Force as a fighter plane pilot.
  • To achieve my goal, I did hard training.
  • Every morning, I woke up at 4 am so I could finish my 10 km long running session on time as I had to reach on time for my coaching class for the written exam based on Physics and Mathematics.
  • Though I lost a few kilos during my training days, however, I felt light and active due to that during my preparations. I want to tell you that physical fitness is one of the primary concerns in the Air Force.
  • Finally, I cracked my written exam with extra-ordinary scores. I also passed my fitness test, which was the toughest.
  • Unfortunately, even after achieving my goal I had resigned from duty due to my back injury which I got in an accident.
  • My coach helped me a lot during my journey, and I owe him for his dedication. He even didn’t charge a penny from me. He is really kind.
  • When I was in the Air Force, even it was for a short period, but I fulfilled my dream of flying the fighter jet during my training hours.
  • I have no words to explain my joy which I felt when I flew that French fighter jet.
  • I am really proud of myself.


Now it’s your time to think and “Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met”. It is always a good idea to develop your own answer. Think and Comment your answer in the comment section.


Follow Up Questions: (A difficult challenge that you Completed or met)

  1. What is the most challenging thing for kids?
    I believe the most difficult thing for children is to do their homework every day, especially in South Asian countries. Owing to this, they do not get enough time to enjoy their favourite games. Moreover, sometimes they get sick due to the burden.
  2. Can parents reduce the challenges kids have? How?
    Definitely, helping children to deal with worries and stress will help them grow into resilient adults. Children may stress about a buddy moving away or losing their favourite toy. Parents can help children to cope with discouraging unhelpful strategies like unreasonable crying and encouraging helpful strategies such as asking for help, saying sorry and staying calm.
  3. What challenges do you think children might have to face up to?
    Well, they might have to undergo toxic stress, which can have devastating physical and psychological consequences for children. Moreover, they may have to face some misbehaving children when they join a school. However, parents and teachers can motivate them to fight with challenges without fear.

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Audio submitted by one of our students:
We at IELTS DON, do not upload cue card videos of experts, however, we provide audio videos of Cue cards recorded by our students, so you will get an idea how the students of level 7,8 or 9 speak the cue cards. It would give you the ability to differentiate yourself so you can improve yourself accordingly. Our only motive is to make you feel comfortable and confident. The only mantra to get the desired scores in IELTS speaking is:
Speak, speak, and speak without grammatical mistakes as much as you can.

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