Talk about a newly built public facility (such as parks, cinemas etc) that improves/influence local life quality in your city

Talk about a newly built public facility such as parks, cinemas etc that improves/influence local life quality in your city

You should say:

What the facility is?
Where it is?
How does it improve life quality?
How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer:

    What this newly built public facility is?

  • Certainly, I would like to share information about an indoor stadium, which is recently built by the local administration to facilitate sports among young kids, especially teenagers so they can focus on the physical activities such as Basketball, Tennis, Swimming and Boxing. However, the swimming pool is open to everyone.

    Where it is?

  • It is on the south side of the city and anyone can easily reach there as the government has started a couple of public buses, which are totally free for everyone but one must need to carry an identity card issued by the indoor stadium authorities.

    How does it improve life quality?

  • It has brought life to the next level. Now parents can take their kids for playing a variety of games. I believe it would not only make them physically strong but also improve their cognitive abilities. I read in a news article that students of our city have outperformed in the school exams of the state education board this year.
  • Children and teenagers are happier than before and the parents can also relax as this stadium offers the facility of onsite daycare.
  • There is a cinema adjacent to the indoor stadium. Now, parents of little ones can have some quality time together, and what is more relaxing than watching a movie with your love.

    How do I feel about this newly built public facility?

  • I really feel good about it, however, I am a single guy who is not married yet and my age is almost 31, so I can say that this stadium is not as much conducive for me as much it is for the majority of citizens.
  • Nevertheless, I need to do some physical activities as I am gaining a lot of fat. Even my doctor has recommended me to start doing some games before becoming obese. The onus is on me to keep myself fit and healthy.
  • I have just decided that I will take the membership as soon as possible.
  • Truly, this stadium is a boon for everyone. Thank you!

Thank you!

Now it’s your time to think about “Talk a newly built public facility such as parks, cinemas etc that improves or influence local life quality in your city”. It is always a good idea to develop your own answer. Think and Comment your answer in the comment section.


Follow Up Questions:

  1. What measures should be taken to deal with damage to public buildings?
    To stop the vandalism, authorities need to take some strict actions. The administration should install surveillance cameras at all the public building, and the government should recover the cost of the damage from offenders by identifying them from the footage.
  2. What facilities do young people and old people like in your country?
    Firstly, I talk about senior citizens. Usually, they go to public parks to enjoy their leisure time because they love spending their time in a tranquil place surrounded by flora. However, young people go to indoor stadiums to enjoy swimming and other sports. Moreover, they often go to cinemas and pubs.
  3. What is the difference between facilities in the countryside and the ones in the cities?
    The countryside is a rural area that offers you a calm, quiet and peaceful places such as boarding schools, Rural campus of Universities, and Spa’s whereas the cities are developed with a large population so you can commonly find a lot of Universities, Cinema’s, Hospitals, and markets.
  4. In the countryside, most of the facilities are related to education and health?
    In rural areas, I have seen boarding school and university campuses. These areas are best for studying, especially under the trees because of the peaceful environment. Rural campus life is free from big-city distractions such as air pollution, noisy traffic, and tall buildings. On a rural campus, you have the opportunity to get in touch with nature. However, I did not see a single big hospital in a rural area.


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