Describe a situation or a time when you helped someone?

Describe a situation or a time when you helped someone?

    You should say:

  • Who was he?
  • How did you know him?
  • How did you help?

Sample Answer:

  • I am a social person and I belong to a family who is extremely active in Luton for its social welfare works.
  • Today, I would tell you about an incident which happened last year when I was in India. Well, India is a big country with a huge population. A country with diversity. Moreover, India has almost 22 official languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati, and Tamil etc.
  • Who was he?

  • Before arriving in India, I had booked a tourist guide. He was a South Indian guy who was in his mid-forties and his name was Kapila Anna.
  • How did I know him?

  • He was very kind and amiable. I want to tell, he is an old friend.
  • While we were on our trip to Kerala, he received a phone call from his daughter who was studying in the UK and she needed some money urgently to pay her college examination fee.
  • How did I help him?

  • As I am from England. I called my wife and told her to transfer money to Surbhi’s account. Luckily, Surbhi and my wife had their accounts in the same bank. Due to this, both the time and conversion charges were saved.
  • She received 1300 Sterling in maximum 10 minutes.
  • He thanked me by offering a special dinner at his home. The food was fantastic. I love Indian food.
  • It was prepared by his wife Suman. I would say she has some kind of magic in her hands.
  • The very next day I had to catch my flight back to England. However, before catching my flight I got a message from my wife that Surbhi has returned the money. I admire her honesty. I mean she of just 21 and studying Computer Engineering along with a part-time job.
  • After returning to my country. My wife and I invited her to our home for a coffee and It was a pleasure meeting with her.

Thank you!

Now it’s your time to think about and  “Describe a situation or a time when you helped someone”. It is always a good idea to develop your own answer. Think and Comment your answer in the comment section.


Follow Up Questions:

  1. Do you like helping others?
    Yes, I like to help children, especially orphans. I was of 15 when I joined a social welfare group. This group takes care of children who are either orphans or homeless.
  2. In your view should children be taught to help others?
    Yes, we need to teach children about the importance of helping others. This can achieve by the collective efforts of parents and teachers. They need to learn the lesson of compassion.
  3. How can we encourage children to help others?
    Well, parents can perform volunteer activities with their children.  It’s a great way to instil a sense of giving in your child. Such practical lessons would remain with them for their entire life. By feeding a stray dog in front of them, would encourage them to repeat the deed in future.
  4. Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?
    Yes, it’s true and there is a strong reason behind this. Some people have made this a business. They have started NGOs. Majority of NGOs do this to fill their pockets instead of helping the needy.
  5. Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past?
    They don’t trust as much as they used to do in the past. It had happened due to their disputes. However, If I talk about my personal experience, I am lucky to have good friends. Even the level of trust between us has increased gradually with time.
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