Measures have been put in place to improve road safety by reducing the speed limits. Some people believe there are better alternatives. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Speeding vehicles have become a serious issue to tackle.  The restrictions have been put on the vehicles by limiting the speed to ameliorate road safety, however, some opined that it can be done by considering other options. Although both views are worth consideration, nonetheless, I support the latter approach and intend to discuss each side in subsequent paragraphs.
on the one hand, there are some people who support the fact that by restricting the speed of cars and heavy vehicles would eventually help to reduce the accidents on the roadways. For example, if a person drives under the maximum speed limit, his chances of coming into the grip of mishap would become negligible. Hence, this aspect would definitely make the roads safer.
On the other hand, many people asserted that to make the roads safer we need to take more concrete steps and I firmly agree with this. The first step needs to take by the government is to widen the roads so that every vehicle has its own lane according to the category. A case in point is that all the heavy-duty commercial trucks would go on the extreme left of the road, all the light-weight cars would drive on the extreme right side of the road and centre lane would be left for emergency situations, especially for an ambulance, fire brigade, and police. Resultantly, it would enhance road safety a lot.
To fortify further, the police needs to keep an eye on the traffic using technology. By using sophisticated security cameras, which have the capability to capture the pictures of the driver’s plate number. To illustrate,  when a driver does the rash driving by speeding above the limit then the police can send an electronic ticket to the defaulters with the help of hi-tech cameras. Not only this, the police can present the offenders in front of the jury at court, which further can suspend the licence of the offender or send him to prison. Consequently, it would create fear in the minds of lawbreakers who do not bother much about the road and safety laws.
 To recapitulate, even though there are some benefits of limiting the speed to increase road safety, the government can take some concrete steps such as by making the roads more wider and give more hi-tech to the police to observe the roads. 
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