Nowadays people’s life is changing rapidly and, as a result, family relationships are affected. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience


It is an irrefutable fact that family is an essential aspect of everyone’s life. In this day and age, individual’s way of living is transforming quite fastly and due to this their bond with the family has impacted. This approach has both upsides and downsides, however, upsides seem to be more prominent.


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  1. In today’s fast life, people like to eat fast food, which can be ready to eat quickly. owing to this practice, elderly people in families have disputes over the eating habits of the young generation, thereby causing huge arguments among the members of the family. Thus, relationships have been influenced badly due to such scenarios.
  2. The first and foremost reason is that these days people prefer to move out of the joint families. By living in a nuclear family, they get a lot of time to focus on their career, which eventually not possible in the joint family because they may have to get involved in household chores or they have obliged to take care of the dependent members of the joint family.  For example, when a young college-going boy lives in a joint family, he has to help his family members to do some task such as for taking aunt to the doctor because she does not know how to drive whereas this kind of situation happens the least when the same young boy lives with his parents only because most parents do not like to disturb their children since they care immensely for them. Consequently, it does not only make the boy more productive but also enhances the love among the members of the nuclear families.
  3. To fortify further, people go abroad to do jobs. For improving the living standard, talented people like to join prominent multinational companies, which pay them lucrative salaries. However, they still can stay connected with their loved ones by using technology.  A case in point is that suppose if a girl goes to work in a foreign nation, she still can stay in touch with her mother and father by using Skype for calling video and audio calls anytime whether it is day and night. Resultantly, technology helps to keep the bond stronger with the family members even when they overseas.


While there could be some downsides of changing lifestyle on the relationship, overall it is a positive development, which enables people to achieve their career goal by staying closer to the families with the help of technology.


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