Describe your favorite/favourite singer IELTS Cue Card

Describe your favorite/favourite singer

  • How do you know this singer?
  • What this person is like
  • Do you think he/she is good?

Sample Answer:

Well, I am not fond of music very much. You might find it odd and boring, but this is true. I am a boring person, and I am a fan of none, especially singers.

However, sometimes I like to listen to Punjabi and Spanish songs. I listen to the Spanish songs because of their music, not lyrics as I do not understand the Spanish language. So, I cannot name a single Spanish singer today. But, I can tell you about Sidhu Moosewala. I know him because he is a famous Punjabi singer. He has millions of his fans worldwide. He has approximately 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He is handsome and tall. He wears a turban, and he is an educated guy. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. Recently, he collaborated with a Hollywood singer. He does Hip hop style singing, and it became possible because he is an outstanding singer. He does a Hip hop style singing. He writes his songs, and I believe he writes better than other singers. I am not favoring everything he writes, but definitely, he has some extraordinary talent. I love his recent song Panjab. If you love music, I recommend you to listen to it too.

Thank you!

Follow-up question from Topic: Describe your favorite/favourite singer IELTS Cue Card

1. Do singers play an important role in your country?
Yes, singers not only do the entertainment of people by singing songs from different genres but also they raise public issues in the form of songs and poems.

2. Do you think celebrities have a lot of income?
Certainly, but they also put a lot of effort to promote their work. I think no one should have a problem with it. Nowadays, social media has, even more, boosted their income because they are earning from the ads on social media platforms.

3. In your country, people prefer to listen to traditional music or foreign music?
In my country, people love to listen to local singers. I mean Panjabi and Hindi music. However, singers like Rihanna and Britney Spears have a great fan following here in India.

Describe your favorite singer | Describe your favourite singer

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