Describe a bag you want to own IELTS Cue Card

Describe a bag you want to own

  • What kind of bag it is?
  • Where you want to buy it
  • How much it will cost you
  • Why you want this kind of bag

Sample Answer:

I have a collection of bags like a clutch bag, shoulder bag, backpack, handbag, and messenger bag. Now I need a sling bag, and I have a solid reason to buy it. I am not sure from where I will buy it. However, I can buy it online too. I am going to my sister’s place next week. I might go with her to the local market. She knows some good shops in Dehradun. But, I have another option, and that is There is a good collection of a variety of bags on this online shopping cart. There are many beautiful sling bags, but you know we can’t check the quality and the material of the product online.

Describe a bag you want to own?

It will cost me somewhere between 1200 Indian rupees to 2500 Indian rupees. I checked the price on the online portal. There are many local and international brands available in the market. I know some people are brand freaks, but I am not, so quality and looks matter to me, but not any particular brand.

I need a sling bag because it comes with a flexible strip, which I can easily adjust according to my need. When I go to college, I need to keep necessary items like a cell phone, car keys in my bag. Currently, I use a clutch bag for this purpose. But it is not safe for me as I have a poor memory and I have a habit of forgetting things. I believe, with the help of the sling bag, I would not leave my items behind.

Thank you!

Follow-ups questions of Describe a bag you want to own

1. Why do you think women like to buy bags?
Women buy bags due to many reasons. One of them is fashion. Beautiful bags enhance the overall look of a woman. Another important reason is that bags help women carry important stuff like cellphone, keys and other essential things like specs.

2. Is the backpack practical in life?
No doubt, backpacks are the most practical bags regardless of gender. You can keep anything in it from laptop to clothes. These bags are comfortable to carry.

3. Why are some people willing to buy expensive bags?
Some people are brand minded. They only buy things just because of the brand. They can happily spend any amount on such things. However, some people buy expensive bags to show their status symbol.

4. In the future, what changes will bags have?
It is a difficult question. I am not sure what changes we can see in bags. Maybe bag makers will introduce a digital security lock to keep the bag items protected in the future.

5. Why do children need to carry a uniform schoolbag?
Uniform school bags teach students a hidden message. This message of equality is required to deliver to every student. It is also a sign of discipline.

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