Describe an aquatic animal IELTS Cue Card

Describe an aquatic animal.

You should say
What it looks like?
When did you see it?
Where did you see it?
Explain why it is interesting?

Sample Answer:

I am notably interested to learn about sea animals as they are remarkably unique in nature and appearance. For example, dolphins, starfishes, octopuses, rockfish, seahorse, sunfish mola, and gars, but here I would like to talk about a dolphin. I saw the dolphin for the first time at Dolphin Lagoon. I became fascinated by the striking looks of this giant fish.

How do the dolphins look like?

Dolphins have long, streamlined bodies designed to travel quickly and efficiently underwater. The average dolphin measures eight or nine feet and weighs between 419 and 575 lbs., though dolphins can be bigger or smaller depending on species. Most dolphins have a fin on their back, two fins that resemble arms and a tail split down the middle. Dolphins usually have grey, brown or blue skin, though some have black stripes or spots, like the killer whale.

Explain why it is interesting?

Dolphins do not have skin glands, which means they do not sweat. Dolphins are almost odourless. For example, dolphins that live in saltwater may smell somewhat salty; however, this scent is due to their environment, not their body. This beautiful creature is human friendly. I wish I could swim with them that day. 

Follow-up questions of Topic: Describe an aquatic animal

1. Why do people like to keep pets?

First of all, people love pet animals like Dog and Cat. Some keep them at home just simply because they do not want to live alone. Dogs and cats are also known as stress busters. The remaining ones keep them for security purposes. For example, German shepherd and Rottweiller are the two famous security breeds. 

2. What should we do to protect endangered animals?

Governments need to make strict laws to protect them from hunters and skin smugglers. A special forest police task forces should be deployed to sensitive areas to catch the culprits.

3. Do you support doing experiments on animals?

Not even in my thoughts. I am an animal lover. I even do not eat meat or chicken. It is not because of my religious values, but only because I feel them, and I love them. People should boycott such brands which experiment their products on these poor creatures.

4. Why do some people refuse to eat animals?

It depends from person to person. Some people do not eat animals because of their religious values. For example, Sikhism and Hinduism prohibit meat-eating. However, many people are empaths. They can feel the pain of animals, and they love animals more than their food.

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**Describe an aquatic animal**

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