Describe a time you made a promise to someone

Describe a time you made a promise to someone

  • Whom did you make the promise to
  • What the promise was
  • Why you made the promise
  • Was the promise easy to achieve

Sample Answer:

I would love to tell you about the promise which I made to my wife last year. I usually do not make promises as it is a commitment in which we have to keep it without giving a second thought once you have made it to someone.

It was our marriage anniversary, and unfortunately, I forgot to wish my lovely wife. Due to this, she was furious. Not only I came home late that day, but also I missed to wish her. However, I managed the situation, and we went out for dinner. Without wasting any time, I promised her that we are leaving for a trip to France in a week. All I wanted was to see a smile on her pretty face. I love her a lot.

It was a little bit difficult for me to achieve, but It was not impossible. I am a man of my words, and I kept my promise. We were in France by the end of the week. It is difficult for me to express how happy she was. We stayed in a 5-star hotel which was nearer to the Eiffel Tower. The most visited tourist attraction in Paris. We spent a good time there. Also, we went to the Seine River Cruises. We were mesmerised by the view of the Louvre Museum from the riverboat. After spending a few days in France, we came home happily with a plethora of memories.

Thank you!

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