Describe one time when the weather changed your plan

When the weather changed your plan

You should say:

  • When this happened
  • Where you were
  • What kind of weather it was
  • Explain why you couldn’t finish the thing
  • What you did at the end


When this happened and where I was

  • Well, I would like to tell you about a time when I had to change my plan due to poor weather. 
  • It happened last year, and I was at my home with my friends. 
  • We were waiting for the cab else everything was ready. After a while, the taxi also came. We started loading the luggage into the cab. 
  • We still had some time before starting our journey. 
  • So we decided to drink coffee before leaving. I was in the kitchen and preparing the coffee as my friends love the coffee made by me. 

What kind of weather it was

  • Suddenly, the weather changed, a minute ago, it was a sunny day, and the next minute a storm hit the city. It was quite scary weather. I have never witnessed such climate in my life. At that moment, I was sad because we had put a lot of efforts to finalize this tour of friends. 
  • Eventually, we postponed our trip to Lahore because of that destructive storm. Many trees had fallen that day. Roads flooded with water. 
  • I would say we were lucky that day since we were at home because the next day, I heard in the news that many vehicles crashed on the highway due to the strong impact of the storm.
  • We postponed our trip for a month. 

What we did at the end when the weather changed our plan

  • All of my friends stayed at my home until the storm became calm. We enjoyed the moments in our way. 
  • It is an old saying that Everything Happens For A Reason In Life. As I told you in the beginning that we were all set to leave, but the craving of coffee stopped us, and that coffee saved our lives. 
  • Finally, we went to Lahore next month, and it became one of the best memorable trips of my life.  
  • We enjoyed the excellent hospitality of our neighbours.
Reading time: 1 min 17 sec | Speaking time: 2 min 29 sec


Now it’s your time to think and describe “When the weather changed your plan”. It is always a good idea to develop your own answer. Think and Comment your answer in the comment section.

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