Describe a person in the news you would like to meet

Describe a person in the news you would like to meet.

You should say:

  • who the person is
  • why s/he is in the news
  • why you would like to meet this person

Who the person is

  • I would love to tell you about a personality who always stays in the limelight for her excellent work linked with climate change and global warming. 
  • She is a 17 years old young girl Greta Thunberg of Sweden.
  • I have read countless news stories on her in which she talks about her concerns for the deteriorating conditions of the climate.
  • She is an environmental activist on climate change whose campaigning has gained international recognition.

Why she is in the news

  • Recently, scientists name newly-discovered species of a snail after climate change activist Greta Thunberg.
  • She became extremely popular when she got the chance to address 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference.
  • Every news house broadcasted her speech, whether it was the BBC or The CNN.
  • I heard her speeches in which she looked worried for the mother earth. 
  • Times magazine chose Greta Thunberg the Time’s Person of the Year 2019, and she is the magazine’s youngest ever.
  • It was not the only award she won; there is a big list of awards which includes Fritt Ord Award (2019), Rachel Carson Prize (2019), Ambassador of Conscience Award (2019) et cetera.

Why would I like to meet her

  • I am overwhelmed by the work she has done because I am a lover of nature, and I always stand with those who fight against the forces, which are the root cause of global warming. 
  • I am an active member of a group which plants trees every day. We do this because we are worried about this beautiful blue planet, and so does Greta.
  • I believe we both share the common purpose, and it is to save the world.
  • It would be an honour to meet her.

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Now it’s your time to think and “Describe a person in the news you would like to meet”. It is always a good idea to develop your own answer. Think and Comment your answer in the comment section.

Follow Up Questions:

  1. What type of people can be seen on TV? What are the kinds of people do the news usually report about?
    Mostly politicians, celebrities, social media personalities, business leaders, and people from the sports background are commonly seen on the TV, and the majority of the media houses cover stories about public figures.
  2. Do you think there is too much news about celebrities? What is your take on the news reports in recent years?
    Unquestionably, it is true. The reason behind this is TRP. News channels are after profit instead of quality content. For example, a very prominent news channel reported countless stories on the personal disputes between the two celebrities. I mean what a common man would benefit from such news. They need to focus on real issues such as inflation, economic growth et cetera.
  3. Do you think negative information in the news can have a negative influence?
    It is a good question. No, it is not always like that a negative story brings only the worst. For example, if authorities do not do their work well, it’s the foremost duty of a reporter to write such a news story. Perhaps such a piece of news would be invalidating for the administration, but it is positive for a common man.
  4. How do you think the celebs in the news can influence adolescents?
    I believe the majority of celebrities do not this intentionally. They are the public figures. However, they have the right to live their life as they wish to. Sometimes, while fulfiling their wishes, they forget to remember that they are the public figures, and their activities are influencing the youngsters.
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