Describe an occasion when you wasted your time.

Describe an occasion when you wasted your time.

You should say

  • Where you were
  • When it was
  • What you did
  • And explain why you think it was a waste of time

Sample Answer:

I would like to speak about a seminar that I attended in Delhi. It was about the Canadian study permit guidance and immigration services. I am a pretty strict person about my time, and I hate wasting it. However, that day I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time. 

I was in Delhi last year to receive my degree certificates from Delhi University. I was with my friend. He asked me to come with him to attend a seminar. I agreed, and we reached the venue on time.

After reaching the venue, they asked us to fill a form. I was pretty excited as it is my dream to study in Canada, and I wanted the best available guidance regarding my profile. I submitted all my details and started listening to the host. He was the CEO of that immigration consultancy.  

While I was busy listening to the host, I received a phone call from one of my friends from Toronto. I told him that I am at the seminar to get information regarding the study permit. He was glad to know about my future plans. However, he warned me against the fake immigration agencies and asked me to verify the status of this immigration consultancy. He also told me that a right Immigration consultant must have approval from ICCRC. ICCRC is the national regulatory body that promotes and protects the public interest by overseeing regulated immigration and citizenship consultants and international student advisors.

After spending some time on research, I found that they were not Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants(RCIC). Due to this, I felt I had wasted my precious time, and on top of it, I gave confidential information such as my cell no and educational details to a non-RCIC immigration agent.

That’s how I wasted my time. Did you ever waste your time? Let us know when and how in the comment section. 

Follow-Up Questions related to the topic “Describe an occasion when you wasted your time.

1. How can we avoid wasting time?

We can do some productive thing instead of wasting time. We can set up a timetable to avoid such a situation. However, firstly, we need to understand how we waste our time. Some people say sitting ideal means we are wasting our time. But I disagree with them. When I sit ideal, I sit to relax my mind.

2. Is time management important?

Definitely, time management is the best way to avoid wasting time. Therefore, adults and children both must have some time management plans.

3. Should parents help children manage their time?

Yes, parents can set a fixed time for playing, studying, watching TV, and sleeping. This way, children will not waste time.

4. Do you think relaxing is a waste of time?

Not at all, In the answer to the first question, this is what I wanted to say. Relaxing is an important activity. If we do not relax our mind, our productivity will go down drastically. Therefore, relaxing is not a wasting of time.

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