Audible – A library of Audiobooks by Amazon

Audible – A library of Audiobooks by Amazon

What are Audible Audiobooks?

Audible is a subscription-driven audiobook service with a catalogue of over 200,000 audiobooks and a mix of bestselling Indian and international authors. Whatever your passion, your interests, or your favourite authors, there’s a perfect audiobook for you. You can listen to A-list celebrities narrate their favourite stories, original & exclusive audiobooks, full-cast performances, and more. Browse through Great First Listens, Indian Audiobooks and get Personalized Recommendations. They have a great library of audiobooks. I am the kind of person who loves to watch or listen instead of reading. I always prefer listening to books over reading them. If you love reading, you are great, and you might not enjoy it as much I do. However, if you enjoy reading books, it would be worth trying their kindle books.

Why am I recommending it?

You are on a site that publishes content related to the IELTS, and the IELTS exam has four modules, and one of them is LISTENING. By using the Audible, you can improve your listening skill. We all know practice makes people perfect. I recommend listening to your favourite content that you enjoy the most. It is best because they give a one-month trial.

How did I get to know about it?

My friend recommended me Audible Audiobooks. You can start for free as they give a one-month free trial subscription and then after one month 2.70$ per month. You can cancel it anytime if you are dissatisfied. 

How you can signup?

It is super easy just click on the image below or click here. It will take you to the registration page, then click on the Start your free trial now button. Fill in the form on the register page and register yourself. 

Will they ask me to add my credit or debit card?

Yes, they will ask you to enter your card details and deduct test charges of approximately 2$. However, Amazon will refund the test charges in the next 48 hours.


All membership plans include:

  • 1 credit/month to buy any audiobook
  • Keep your audiobooks, even if you cancel
  • Unlimited listening to Audible Original shows
  • 30% off on all additional purchases

What will I get?

I might get a small amount if you register using the link provided on the images with the captions in red colour. This amount will help me to keep the website run smoothly. 


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