Describe a good decision you made recently

Describe a good decision you made recently

You should say

  • What it was
  • When you made it
  • What the result was
  • And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer:

Well, I would love to share about that decision which I recently took, and it was about pursuing the MBA degree from the distance education department of the Panjab University. It was the year 2017 when I completed my engineering degree. After finishing computer engineering, I joined an IT company in Chandigarh as a junior programmer.

I took this decision last month during my working hours. I was depressed because of my official work, and I did not want to continue as a programmer at my company. Therefore, I decided to join the post-graduation degree.

I notified my company about my decision. The human resource manager of my company was glad to know about it. I also told her about the problems related to my current job position, and she instantly offered me a position as an assistant project manager. I was on cloud nine because of this offer. I did not expect good results so soon.

I felt great because of the position I wanted to reach after finishing my MBA, and I got there by just pursuing the MBA degree. The HR said she only agreed to transfer me from the technical department to management only because of the MBA and technical background. I believe joining the MBA was one of the best decisions of my life that I have ever made.

Thank you!

Follow-Up Questions related to the topic “Describe a good decision you made recently

  1. What decisions do people make every day?
    People make decisions that help them to become better human beings. I guess people also make business decisions to improve their chances to obtain their goals.
  2. Why do people make decisions?
    People want a good life, so they make decisions. It is not about the right or wrong choices. Sometimes we regret more just because we have not taken a decision at the right time.
  3. Can children make decisions on their own?
    Definitely, children can make some decisions, especially related to physical activities. They can also decide the color of the dresses that they are going to wear.
  4. When do people change their decision?
    People change their decision when they learn from their mistakes. Most people absolutely hate to fail, but I must admit that failure is an inescapable part of life. Failure teaches us the path to success. When people learn from their mistakes, they change their decisions.Read more Cue card

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