Talk about a TV program you watched in your childhood

Talk about a TV program you watched in your childhood

You should say:

  • what kind of  TV program it was (e.g. comedy, romantic, cartoon etc.)
  • when you watched this program
  • what the TV program was about

Sample Answer:

Well, during my childhood I had loved to watch many different kinds of programmes, but my favourite one was a cartoon show. The name of the show was Mowgli. We all know cartoons are one of the best leisure time activities for the majority of children. I vividly remember my craze for this particular animated program.

I used to watch it every Sunday in the morning. It was not only me who liked it to watch with yummy breakfast but also my siblings used to relish the show. The copyrights of this show had exclusively reserved by the Artoon Network. Owing to this, my father had bought us a special cable connection so we kids can enjoy this marvellous cartoon.

The story of this show revolved around the fictional character Mowgli who was an orphaned young boy, and his friends such as Bagheera the black panther and Baloo the bear. In the story of Mowgli, there was one Bengali tiger whose name was Sher Khan and his only friend Tabaqui. Both Sher Khan and Tabaqui wanted to hunt Mowgli, and how Bagheera and Baloo speak up for Mowgli, against Shere Khan, at the Rock Council Meeting in front of the Master of the jungle. There were 2-3 other characters too. Unfortunately, I have forgotten their names. I guess one of them was a snake and the other two were the monkeys. It is pretty tough to narrate the entire story in a short time. Therefore, I would recommend you to watch this over YouTube because I am going to watch it again to refresh my childhood memories.

Thank you!


Now it is your turn to think about the topic and “Talk about a TV program you watched in your childhood”. You can speak about any of your favourite TV programs.

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