Talk about a Day which you spend with your Best friend

Talk about a Day which you spend with your Best friend

  • how often you meet this friend
  • How did you spend that day and what you usually do when you meet together
  • what kind of personality your friend has

Sample Answer:

Well, I would tell you about a day which I spent with my best friend, Don. Before that, I want to take you to flashback. I am talking about the days when we were doing our engineering together at the IIT Madras. During our college days, we were roommates as well as classmates. Therefore, we spent almost every bit together. However, since 2018, we did not get the opportunity to meet again because he went to Bangalore to join his job. Fortunately, he moved back to his native place last week. Now we meet almost every day.

Since we both are fitness freaks, so we go to the gym. After working out for 40-60 minutes in the gym every day, we return to our homes. That’s how we usually meet. However, sometimes we go together for a picnic with our girlfriends, and recently, we spent the entire day together, and we went to the metro city to enjoy our leisure time. We drove straight to the Botanic Garden and spent a couple of hours there. We had refreshments with us, so we enjoyed our lunch at the park. It was a delicious meal cooked by his girlfriend, Sonali. After lunch, we went to watch a superhit Bollywood movie, Panipat. We had a great time together. It was an excellent day, which we spent together after years.

He is a kind person who cannot see people in pain, and this is one of the reasons he is an active member of a prominent social welfare club. He is tall and amiable. People usually like him because of his generous nature. Moreover, he is a successful businessman. After resigning from his job, he has started an IT company, which is growing fastly. Therefore, I would not be wrong if I call him a genius.


Now it is your turn to think about the topic and “Talk about a Day when you spend with your Best friend or Describe a friend you really like to spend time with”

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