Some people think that because some children find some subjects such as mathematics and philosophy difficult they ought to be optional instead of compulsory. To what extent do you agree?

Some people think that because some children find some subjects such as mathematics and philosophy difficult they ought to be optional instead of compulsory.

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Sample Answer:
It is argued by some individuals that subjects like mathematics and philosophy have to be made optional instead of compulsory since some children find them tough. The essay will explain why mathematics and philosophy must not be made optional; followed by a reasoned conclusion.

Mathematics is a subject, which is avoided by many students and some people support the idea to make it elective. Nevertheless, every kid needs to learn the basic of mathematics and the benefits of this subject cannot be neglected. Those students who do not learn mathematics during their school days, they suffer a lot while calculating basic things. Therefore, mentors need to use a tailored approach to teach these abilities to the children in a way that such subjects do not look hard. A research conducted by a professor of a prominent university said that maths is not merely a subject but it is a workout for developing brains.

Philosophy teaches about moral values, reason, mind, and language. It not only stimulates critical thinking skills in children but also improves their communication abilities, which are conducive for every child. Thus, educators need to teach their subject in an engaging method so everyone can get the concepts easily. For example, if a student does not learn important skills like critical thinking during their formative years, it would be a great loss for a child who is in his developing stage.

In conclusion, even though there is no doubt that many students find mathematics and philosophy quite hard to study, the pertinence of these subjects cannot be overlooked because both the subjects play a vital role in the growth of child’s cognitive abilities.

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Writing Sample Answer 2:

The cutting edge technology has transformed the planet earth into a digital world, and with this digitalization, the importance of technical subjects in academics like science and mathematics are considered essential for students. However, it is generally argued that children should be provided with a free hand in choosing their subjects for studying and no subject should be mandatory. I agree partly with this statement.

In the first place, one of the most compelling reasons in the support of the above notion is the fundamental right of freedom of choice. It is the basic right of every child to choose the subjects which they want to study. It is also necessary for the future of students that they indulge themselves in such studies in which they have more interest so that they give their maximum output and better results. To make the picture clearer, consider the survey conducted by Oxford University, which reveals the statistics of the world’s top 100 CEOs. All of them have chosen their subjects and ended-up as securing the highest position in their organizations. Thus, it is worth mentioning that students should be allowed to pick their subjects for studies as it is their birthright.

On the flip side, subjects like Mathematics and Science have their impressions on human lives. They help us to understand the complex forces of nature around the globe. Therefore, the knowledge of these kinds of subjects is significant, and it needs to keep mandatory even if these subjects are difficult. Teachers of Sweden are the perfect example as they have adapted the tailored approach for teaching students subjects like Mathematics, so students do not feel them hard to understand.

To reiterate/recapitulate/summarise/sum up, I must say that education is a vital part of today’s human life. It is the responsibility of parents and institutions to focus on what the children are interested to learn so that it should be the primary option for studies. Teachers should also develop some interest in subjects in which students are reluctant to study.

Submitted by: WAQAS KHALIQ

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