People’s character is influenced by environment rather than genetics. Do you agree or disagree?

People’s character is influenced by environment

Humankind is the only being that has an extraordinary level of emotional competence. It is argued that people’s attitude is affected by the circumstances instead of heredity. I agree with this statement and intend to discuss in the subsequent paragraphs with suitable examples.

To begin, it is a known fact that the way life explains itself is often very unpredictable, thus bringing with it numerous experiences. These experiences, in turn, leave a mark on the psychology of a person, thereby rendering it positive or negative. For example, if a child born with the best of genetic qualities has to, unfortunately, undergo a disturbing life during the formative years, it will surely cause some sort of psychological and emotional trauma. It is a proven fact that such impressions-that are etched on young minds, often show their ugly heads in a rather detrimental way later on in life, Such individuals may go out of control and most likely, surrender to social evils like drug addiction, outrageous crimes et cetera.

Secondly, it is believed by some that characters like anger, humour and artistic abilities are, in a way, virtues that cannot be acquired. However, these arguments, nevertheless, are not based on solid ground as there are numerous citations of people who have learnt painting, singing and have carved a niche in such streams without having any of the said inherent traits. A perfect example of this a former drug lord who did the upbringing of his son so well that today his son is a famous singer and he is almost in his mid-50s. If crime runs in a family, he would have been a criminal, not a singer.

To conclude, it is undeniable that the process of nurturing has far-reaching results on an individual, that has little to do with the handful of shades of parents.

Now it’s your time to think about this topic “people’s character is influenced by environment rather than genetics.”. We have mentioned some of the important tips below(Do’s and Don’ts)

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