Describe a goal that you achieved, which was set by yourself

Describe a goal that you achieved

  • What it was
  • When did you set it
  • How did you achieve it
  • Explain how it influenced your life

Sample Answer:

  • Well, I would love to tell you a story about that goal which I always wanted to achieve.
  • I will also tell you about the difficulties which I faced to reach my aim.
  • What it was?

  • Since my childhood, I wanted to become a pilot.
  • I was a careless student and didn’t worry about my poor grades.
  • A morning school principal came to our classroom.
  • He asked every student a question that what do you want to become when you grow up?
  • I also told my desire to be a pilot.
  • He was quite impressed by my passion. However, he knew very well about my poor academic performance.
  • I was so passionate about becoming a pilot that I went to the principal’s office to take guidance.
  • When did I set my goal?

  • He was very helpful, and he advised me that I require to improve my Physics and Mathematical skills if I want to be a professional pilot, and I listened to him sincerely. It was the exact moment when I set this as the primary goal of my life.
  • I worked hard to accomplish my objective.
  • As I was from the lower-middle-class family, I needed to give my best.
  • When I was of 7 years, I lost my dad, and my mother has done my upbringing alone.
  • How did I achieve?

  • I improved my knowledge of both science and mathematics.
  • Furthermore, I used these skills as a tool to earn money during my school days.
  • After school hours, I started a part-time job at a local book store.
  • Even though I was earing, it was not enough.
  • It was my mother who paid for my training fee; I owe her a lot.
  • I was the best performer at my school.
  • After graduating from the flying school, I got the job at one of the prominent airlines of Sri Lanka as a Junior pilot.
  • That’s how I achieved the goal of becoming a licensed plane pilot.
  • how it influenced my life?

  • I am really happy about the hard work which I did, and this struggle has made me a better person.

Thank you!

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