IELTS Reading Matching Headings Tips

IELTS Reading Matching Headings Tips

Matching Headings:

You will get a list of headings to match them with the paragraphs of the given passages.

Sample Source: Cambridge

The following reasons make the matching heading type questions a bit tricky:

  • In such questions, you need to read the paragraphs thoroughly to understand the main idea. Due to this, such questions may take a little more time than other questions to complete.
  • You will notice more headings than the paragraphs. For example, a list of matching headings will consist of 8 headings, but the passage would have just 4 sections. 
  • Some paragraphs don’t need headings. Therefore, read the instructions carefully. For example, section B.
  • There will be some similar headings to mislead you.
  • Several times, the keyword you notice in the match heading list, and you will see the same keyword in the paragraph. However, It would be a trap to mislead you. Therefore, try to understand the meaning of the paragraph before marking your answer.


  • Do not look at the list of headings first.
  • First of all, read a paragraph at a time, and then after reading the given section, give it the most suitable heading in your mind. Once you have created the paragraph heading, match it with the list of headings. 
  •  For example, read section A, then give it the most suitable Heading in your mind. Now go to the List of Headings and find the closest one.
  • If your reading speed is slow, try to focus on the first and last sentences of the paragraph to get the main idea.

Sample Source: Cambridge

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