IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions MCQs

Source of Sample Questions is Cambridge book:

These questions will give you an idea about the pattern of the questions.

    Section 2: Questions 11-13

    Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

    Traffic Changes in Granford

    11. Why are changes needed to traffic systems in Granford?
    A. The number of traffic accidents has risen.
    B. The amount of traffic on the roads has increased.
    C. The types of vehicles on the roads have changed.

    Choose Answer:

    12. In a survey, local residents particularly complained about
    A. dangerous driving by parents.
    B. pollution from trucks and lorries.
    C. inconvenience from parked cars.

    Choose Answer:

    13. According to the speaker, one problem with the new regulations will be
    A. raising money to pay for them.
    B. finding a way to make people follow them.
    C. getting the support of the police.

    Choose Answer:

    Section 3:

    Questions 21-25 Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

    21. Why is Jack interested in investigating seed germination?
    A. He may do a module on a related topic later on
    B. He wants to have a career in plant science
    C. He is thinking of choosing this topic for his dissertation

    Choose Answer:

    22. Jack and Emma agree the main advantage of their present experiment is that it can be
    A. described very easily
    B. carried out inside the laboratory
    C. completed in the time available

    Choose Answer:

    23. What do they decide to check with their tutor?
    A. whether their aim is appropriate
    B. whether anyone else has chosen this topic
    C. whether the assignment contributes to their final grade

    Choose Answer:

    24. They agree that Grave’s book on seed germination is disappointing because
    A. it fails to cover recent advances in seed science
    B. the content is irrelevant for them
    C. its focus is very theoretical

    Choose Answer:

    25. What does Jack say about the article on seed germination by Lee Hall?
    A. the diagrams of plant development are useful
    B. the analysis of seed germination statistics is thorough
    C. the findings on seed germination after fires are surprising

    Choose Answer:

    11. B
    12. C
    13. B

    Section 3, Q21 – 30
    21. A
    22. C
    23. B
    24. C
    25. B

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