IELTS Listening Matching Example Practice

Source of Sample Questions is Cambridge book:

These questions will give you an idea about the pattern of the questions.

Questions 1 – 5

What does Jack tell his tutor about each of the following course options?
A. He’ll definitely do it.
B. He may or may not do it.
C. He won’t do it.

Write the correct letter, A, B or C next to questions 1- 5. You may choose any letter more than once.

1. Media Studies
2. Women and Power
3. Culture and Society
4. Identity and Popular Culture
5. Introduction to Cultural Theory

Questions 6 – 9

Which hotel matches each description? Choose your answers from the box and write the correct letter A-E next to questions 6-9.

A. The Bridge Hotel
B. Carlton House
C. The Imperial
D. The Majestic
E. The Royal Oak
6. is in a rural area
7. only opened recently
8. offers facilities for business functions
9. has an indoor swimming pool

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