Describe your favorite weather IELTS Cue Card

Describe your favorite weather.

  • What kind of weather it is
  • When this weather usually occurs
  • What you usually do during this weather
  • Explain how this weather affects you
  • And explain why you like this type of weather.

Sample Answer:

I would love to tell you about that weather which makes me happy inside out, and it’s rainy weather. 

This weather occurs randomly. I’m not a fan of the rainy season, which comes in June-July in India, and during the rainy season, it rains all the time; it makes me depressed. I mostly like rainy and cloudy weather, which occurs during the summers for a day or two. It gives relief from the sizzler days. 

I go out with my sisters and brother for the outing on our bicycles, which we usually don’t do. The way the cold breeze hits my body and gives me goosebumps is just unexplainable. I do not have words to express how cheerful I feel during such weather.

Due to the pleasant weather, I cook Indian fried foods such as Pakoras and Samosas. My friends and family say I am a good cook, and all the family members enjoy the delicious dishes with flavored tea. I love tea with the flavor of cardamoms. 

I like such weather because it gives wings to me to relish nature. The way birds enjoy the rain during the summers is just speechless, and I love such mesmerizing views of nature. Moreover, I also get the chance to enjoy my favorite dishes, which I usually don’t like to eat. 

Follow-up questions related to the topic “Describe your favorite weather.”

  • Do you often pay attention to the weather forecast?  Why?/Why not?
  • How does the weather (or, the weather forecast) affect what activities people do?
  • How does the weather affect people’s daily lives?
  • Why do some people dislike some kind of weather?
  • Do people wear different clothes in different types of weather (or, different seasons)?
  • Does the weather have an effect on the economy?
  • In your country, are there any differences in economic activity in the different seasons?

Post your answers to the above follow-ups in the comment section. 

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