Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth

Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth

  • Who your friend is?
  • What the truth was
  • What your friend’s reaction was
  • And explain why it was important for you to tell the truth to your friend?

Sample Answer:

Well, I would like to tell you about my friend, Peter. We did our schooling together. He is my childhood friend. After school, I did computer engineering from Punjab University, Lahore, and he went to Karachi for doing a degree in business management.

One fine evening, when I was in the grocery store where I met Peter’s mom. She looked depressed. I enquired about her health then she burst into tears. She narrated all about his addictions, and rude behaviour and how he sold their family property for playing poker. That day I decided to speak to him.

I planned a day out with him. We met in a restaurant where I finally told him the truth about his bad habit of playing poker and drinking alcohol and about his bad behaviour. Moreover, I also speak about his college friends which he sees as his well-wishers, and I said, “if they are your well-wishers, why they always encourage you to play poker”. I told Peter to respect his mother and refrain from speaking rudely with her. I also advised him to stand with his mother instead of getting drunk every day.

In the end, he promised me that he would never misbehave with his mom, and also would never think about drinking and playing the poker. He hugged me and said, “you are my true friend”.

It was vital for me to remind him about the value of relationships over materialistic things, which he had forgotten for fake friends. All I wanted was to open his eyes.

Thank you!

Follow-up question of the topic: Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth

  • Do you think we should tell truth at all times?
  • How do you know when others are telling the truth?
  • Do you think it is important to win the game or follow the rules?
  • Sometimes people should tell lies. Do you agree?
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