Describe a family ( not Your own ) that you like – IELTS Cue Card

Describe a family ( not Your own ) that you like

You should say:

  • whose family it is
  • how many family members they have
  • what are they like
  • and explain why you like this family.

Sample Answer:

Well, I would love to tell you about a family that lives nearby my home. They are amazing people, and I know them since my childhood. I know them because of my family. We are family friends, but we are like a real family. There are seven people in this family. The eldest one is Mr. Gurmukh, and I call them uncle. He is an amiable, handsome, and tall man in his late 70’s. After Gurmukh, there is another person Mrs. Janvi, and she is the wife of Mr. Gurmukh. She is also in her 70’s. Mr. and Mrs. Gurmukh has two sons, and both are married. The eldest son of this beautiful couple has a cute baby girl.

What are they like and why I like this family.

The entire family is quite friendly and kind. All of them are highly educated. Our families are pretty close. We often visit one another’s home pretty often. The main reason I like them because of their nature. They are honest people. They always stood with us in our thick and thin. I want to tell you about an incident when they helped me by paying the bill when I met with an accident. My family was not in the city at that time, but they did not let me feel like I was alone there. I mean, they give much more importance to relationships than materialistic things. I like them a lot.

Thank you!


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