Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in

Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in

You should say:

  • Who you talked with
  • When you had the conversation
  • What the topic was
  • And explain why you were not interested

Sample Answer:

Well, I would like to talk about that boring conversation that I was not interested in. It happened between my friends and me. Actually, Sunny, Jack, and Raavi are my school friends, and I did not meet them after finishing school. We were in the same school but different class. I was in commerce, and they were from the science stream. After school, I joined the accountancy diploma, and they joined an engineering degree course.

When you had the conversation?

So, I decided to meet them at their university last year in December. They all study at the University College of Engineering and all of them live in an apartment nearby the university. The fascinating fact is that they all are gaming freaks. They play computer games a lot. All of them have sophisticated gaming PCs.

What the topic was?

They were angry with the government for banning the Pubg game. They were arguing on this topic and told me that it is one of the best available games of the 21 century. I was like, okay. I am a student of commerce background. Therefore I have no knowledge about computer games. 

And explain why you were not interested?

The conversation about the Pubg ban made me feel dull. I felt like we are wasting time because I even didn’t know such a game with the name of Pubg exists, and they were asking my opinion on it. They used to do the live streaming of the game while playing it. This was the reason behind their anger. Fortunately, somehow, I managed to escape but with a severe headache. ?

Thank You!

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