Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

  • What was the toy
  • Who gave it to you
  • How often did you play with it

Sample Answer:

Every child has some favorite toys, and I also had that one. It was a toy train with a powerful engine, a dummy coal compartment, and seven other sections for the dummy commuters. There was also a circular track made of plastic. It was a remote-controlled train, which used to work with dry batteries.

The engine was of metallic color, and it had a headlight. While running on the track, the train engine used to release smoke from its chimney. It was my thing to watch. The coal compartment was black, and the other sections were of multiple colors such as red, yellow, and green.

Who gave it to you?

My mom gifted me on my 7th birthday, and she brought this wonderful gift from Singapore.

How often did you play with it?

I used to play for hours with it. My friends from neighboring houses used to come to play with me just because of this toy. The mesmerizing view of smoke was the main attraction for everyone. Actually, this smoke was formed with a vegetable glycerol solution. When the glycerol solution used to reach into the hot part of the engine, the heat of the engine turned it into smoke. The entire process of smoke making was automatic. When I was a kid, I did not know about this, and it was the most mysterious thing for me. I got the science behind this smoke from a blog a few years back. I still have this toy train in my bedroom but just as a showpiece.

Thank you!

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**Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood**

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