Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone

Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone

You should say:

  • Who you gave advice to?
  • What the advice was?
  • Why you gave the advice?
  • And how you felt about the advice?

Sample Answer:

Well, I would like to talk about that advice, which I gave to my best friend. His real name is Bharpur Sekhon, and I call him Bhura. We did our university education together from Delhi University. He was an intelligent student. After finishing our studies, I moved to Canada as a student, and he joined a multination company in Bangalore.

What the advice was?

Last year, on the occasion of the new year, I called my friend Bhura. I wished him the best for the new year. While talking, he told me about his desire to relocate to Canada. He also told me that he is preparing for the IELTS exam. At that moment, I asked him whether he has any other degree apart from a bachelor’s degree. He told me that he just has a degree in Electronics Engineering. At that moment, I advised him to pursue a post-graduate diploma in business management to increase his CSR score.

Why you gave the advice, and how you felt about the advice?

I gave him this advice because he is like a brother to me. All I want is the best for him. Fortunately, he followed my advice and successfully passed the diploma. Due to this, now he has the desired CRS score. Any time, he can apply under the federal express entry program, and his total CRS score is 480.

I feel great about it. I’m glad my advice brought him closer to his goal.

Ending Sentence

Hopefully, Bhura would be here by the end of this year, and we will celebrate Christmas together in Toronto.

Follow-up Questions related to the topic “Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone” 

1. What kind of advice do parents give to their children?
Parents give sensible and practically possible advice to their children because a mother and father always wish the best for their children.

2. How do experts give advice to others?
An expert is a person who has experience in a particular field. They will always give a piece of feasible advice. For example, a doctor would advise his patient to help him get better.

3. What advice do parents give to teenagers about making friends?
Parents teach their teenagers to make friends wisely. Most of them ask teenagers not to trust anyone blindly.

4. Whose advice is more helpful? Parents’ or friends’?
I believe the advice of both parents and friends is helpful. When it comes to deciding something important in life, I go to my parents. However, when I need advice regarding my work and career, I prefer to call my friends.

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