Many people try to look younger than their age. What do you think are the causes people do this. Is a good or bad thing?

Many people try to look younger than their age


Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to look beautiful. Numerous individuals endeavour to look youthful than their actual age. I believe, there is nothing wrong in it and intend to discuss the reasons behind this trend in the subsequent paragraphs.

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On the one hand, some believe that people who try to look younger than their actual age are badly influenced by the glamorous world. They do this to look like models who walk on the runway, or ramp. To illustrate, people change their eating habits and do diet to achieve a zero figure, especially young girls and boys. Resultantly, they deteriorate their health by following the footsteps of their favourite celebrities. However, this situation can be tackled by taking the advice of nutritionists since they can help them by giving useful tips and healthy diet plans.

On the other hand, there are a plethora of reasons, which supports this scenario positively. The first and foremost factor is that people want to look beautiful physically to stay positive and confident. To achieve the highest level of fitness, people become more physically active. A case in the point is that if a person who wants to look fit and healthy, he would do activities like jogging and running. As a result, he would look much younger than his age.

To fortify further, some people do efforts to look youthful because they want to get settled in life first before going into a relationship like marriage. It is generally seen that people who do not want an early marriage they need to stay fit and healthy. To exemplify, if a man who wants to marry after the age of 35, he would have healthy food and do the workout, thereby enabling him to look younger.


To recapitulate, while there could be some drawbacks of following this trend, overall this is a positive aspect because it encourages people to stay healthy.

Now it’s your time to think about this topic, “Many people try to look younger than their age. What do you think are the causes people do this. Is a good or bad thing?”. We have mentioned some of the important tips below(Do’s and Don’ts)

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