Describe the time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public

Describe the time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public

  • Where were you
  • What did you sing
  • How did you feel

Sample Answer:

I would love to tell you about that poem which I sang for the first and the last time in front of the audience. My age was 7 years at that time, and it was an annual meet of our school; I vividly remember that day when my class teacher Mrs. Suharma announced my name as a surprise singer. I was shocked and quickly got nervous. Since I never was a good singer.

My mom was sitting next to me. Without wasting any time, she motivated me and pushed me towards the stage. I stepped up and started singing the poem “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall”; After singing a few lines, I started singing it wrongly. I had mixed it up with some other rhyme. Due to this, everyone was laughing. They were cheering me up and motivating me even though I was singing it wrong. They enjoyed my poem more than any other performance that day.

I was excited and happy too. It was my first performance of life. However, I never tried again because I was so bad at cramming things. Moreover, my voice was also not good. I used to make even serious things funnier unintentionally.

Follow-Ups questions related to the topic “Describe the time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public”

1. Do teenagers and adults enjoy the same kind of songs?
No, they enjoy different kinds of songs. Teenagers enjoy more pop and hip-hop music, whereas adults enjoy romantic and motivational.

2. What are the factors that make people like a song?
I believe it depends on the feelings of the people. When people are in love, they like romantic songs, and when they are upset, they prefer to listen to sad songs.

3. On which occasions do people in your country sing together?
They sing together when they follow the customs a day or two before the wedding. Basically, they sing traditional songs. People sing together when they celebrate religious ceremonies by singing devotional songs.

4. Which kinds of songs are suitable for children? Why?
Rhymes-based songs are the best choice for children to listen to. The parents can also play educational songs, for example, alphabets and counting songs.

5. Do you often (like to) sing?
No, not at all. I am a person that does like to listen to music. Some people say I am a boring person. When I do not enjoy listening, how can I sing?

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