Describe an interesting conversation that you had

Describe an interesting conversation that you had

  • Who you had it with
  • Where did you have it?
  • What was the conversation, and why did you have it

Sample Answer:

Well, I would like to talk about a fascinating conversation that I had with Jyoti. He is my best friend. We did our engineering together in IT. Therefore, we understand one another’s likings and dislikings very well.

We went to Chandigarh to do some official work as we both work in the same company. After finishing our business, we were resting under a shady tree. It was a beautiful location on the backside of the Elante mall. 

What was the conversation, and why did you have it

We started an interesting talk about WhatssApp’s latest policy changes, and It was a pretty fruitful discussion about this topic. We shared all the negatives and positives of new policies introduced by the instant messaging application. He said that he will delete his WhatssApp account because of the new guidelines and switch to Signal. He was worried about his private data. We also discussed other negatives and how this company can manipulate advertisements on its parent company if anyone accepts their new policies. I recommended him using Telegram, and it is built by a young guy who lives in Germany. He was not aware of the cool features of this instant app. He was impressed by the app, so he joined it instantly. 

Follow up Questions related to the topic “Describe an interesting conversation that you had”

  1. What is the difference between the conversation between males and females?
    I think there is no such difference. I have seen many men who are equally worried about their hairstyle as women. However, most women talk about fashion and related stuff, but on the other hand, most men like to talk about politics and sports.
  2. What is the difference between talking on the phone and face-to-face conversation?
    There is a big difference. On the phone, one cannot express his emotions completely. However, face-to-face conversations are more real and full of emotions.
  3. Why do some people get nervous when they give a presentation?
    It happens due to a lack of confidence. Moreover, some people don’t like to speak. Due to this, they don’t get enough experience to speak in front of the public. Eventually, they end up like that.

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