A time you were sleepy but had to stay awake

A time you were sleepy but had to stay awake
You should speak about:
-When did it happen?
-Why you were sleepy?
-Why you had to stay awake?
-And how you stayed awake?

Sample Answer:

Well, there are some times when we need to stay awake. I believe such a situation would have faced by everyone at least once in life. I vividly remember how I kept myself awake even when I was exhausted and sleepy. 

It was a Sunday afternoon of July 2019 when I was feeling lazy. Usually, it happens with me after a heavy meal. And on that Sunday I had 4-5 Allu Parantha with white butter. After having a great meal, all I wanted to sleep. Sonia is a perfect cook. I want to tell she is my wife. 

However, I didn’t fulfil my dream of sleeping peacefully that day due to urgent work. I received a call from one of my clients whose website was not working. I came out of my bed and began my work. My Sunday was already spoiled. I usually don’t work at weekends, but the work was imperative.

A strong coffee made by my wife did the magic. A cup of coffee made me active. It took me almost 3 hours to troubleshoot the issue on his website. After fixing the bug, I was free to enjoy my holiday. I was not sleepy at all after 3 hours. So, I decided to take Sonia for a movie. We watched a Hollywood movie and enjoyed a perfectly crisped pizza at Pizza Hut that evening.

Thank you!

Now it’s your time to think and “A time you were sleepy but had to stay awake”. It is always a good idea to develop your own answer. Think and Comment your answer in the comment section.

Follow up Questions

  1. On what occasions do people need to stay awake even when they are tired?
    It depends on the situation. A student needs to stay awake during his exams for preparations, a couple needs to stay awake when they are in a long-distance relationship, and a security guard stays awake during his night duty.
  2. How do they keep awake when they are tired?
    When I need to stay awake, I do walking outside my home. Besides the walk, I love coffee. It gives me energy and strength to stay active.
  3. Why do people feel tired a lot nowadays?
    Well, the first and foremost reason is that people are following a very hectic lifestyle. They do not take proper rest and a good diet full of nutrients. Moreover, When they do not do a physical workout, they feel the tiredness.
  4. What kind of people lack sleep?
    I would say those people who work in the graveyard shifts, and the people who suffer from some kind of stress issues usually people start taking sedatives to get sleep.

Audio submitted by one of our students:
We at IELTS DON, do not upload cue card videos of experts, however, we provide audio videos of Cue cards recorded by our students, so you will get an idea how the students of level 7,8 or 9 speak the cue cards. It would give you the ability to differentiate yourself so you can improve yourself accordingly. Our only motive is to make you feel comfortable and confident. The only mantra to get the desired scores in IELTS speaking is:
Speak, speak, and speak without grammatical mistakes as much as you can.

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