Describe a time when your computer broke down

Describe a time when your computer broke down:

You should say:

  • When it was
  • What you were doing?
  • What did you do about it?
  • And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer:

When it was, and what you were doing?

Well, I am about to narrate to you an incident from my university days. I was a student of Mechanical Engineering at Panjab University. It was the month of exams, and I was preparing a paper when suddenly my computer shut down. At first, I became panic because my teacher on Skype was waiting for me. 

Without wasting any time, I quickly called my online teacher and informed her about an unknown technical glitch. She was supportive, so she agreed to give me the pending lessons in the early morning of the next day. I became relaxed after getting the confirmation from her. I did not want to fail the exam of Fluid Mechanics.

What did you do about it?

It was around 8 of the night. I decided to fix it on my own because I didn’t want to miss my online class the next morning, and it was too late for me to go out of the hostel due to strict rules. I opened the cabinet of my desktop to investigate the issue. I did not open it before, so I was pretty confused. I unplugged all the wires from the motherboard and then replugged them back. I repeated the same technique with the RAM and hard disc of my pc. After applying all the possible solutions, finally, I was able to run my pc.

And how you felt about it?

I felt happy after fixing the machine as a Mechanical engineer. It was a big thing to fix the computer issues because no one teaches us how to fix computers in Mechanical engineering, you known.

Ending Sentence

Owing to this, I joined my class in the morning on time and passed my exam with good scores.

Follow-Ups Questions related to the topic “Describe a time when your computer broke down”

1. What do people use computers for?

People use computers for multiple purposes. For example, students use computers for studying and entertainment. On the other hand, businessmen use computers to manage their business data. 

2. Should students be allowed to use computers at school?

Yes, it is the need of the hour to make every student comfortable with the computers. The more they will use, the more they will learn. However, the blue light of the computers can be deteriorating for vision. Therefore, teachers must motivate students to wear anti-glares while using the machines. 

3. What do you think of people who are addicted to computers?

I think they need to make some changes in their lives. They should start doing physical activities at least for an hour every day. I know computer games make people addicted. If they continually use the computers for hours, they might end in the hospitals.

4. Do you think computers make our life simpler or more complex?

Computers make our life easier. We can pay bills directly from our homes, and anyone can start their business online if they have a computer. Life becomes complex when the internet stops working.

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