Describe a time when you forgot something important

Describe a time when you forgot something important

You should say

  • When it happened
  • What you forgot
  • What was the result of your forgetting
  • Why it was important

Sample answer:

Well, I would like to tell you about a day when I forgot something crucial, and it was my examination admit card for my UPSC exam. It happened in the summers of 2018. It was my preliminary exam in Chandigarh.

I traveled to Chandigarh on public transport. I took Volvo bus from Ludhiana and reached there 1 hour before the exam. Actually, I misplaced the admit card somewhere around my seat on the bus. All other documents were safe with me. However, I did not realize it until I reached the venue.

When the supervisor asked me to show him my roll number slip, I became nervous as I failed to find it anywhere. The rules were pretty strict. If you do not have the roll number slip, you would be allowed to enter the examination hall. I knew about the rules, and I decided not to argue because I didn’t want to waste my energy.

Therefore, without wasting any time, I took permission from the supervisor and asked for help. He helped and allowed me to use the printer. Luckily, I had the PDF of my roll number slip on my mobile phone. Due to the pdf, I got the printed roll number slip, and I appeared in the exam that day without any hurdle.

Thank you!

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