Describe a place where you want to read or write, apart from home?

Describe a place where you want to read or write, apart from home?

  • What is it?
  • Where is it?
  • Why do you go there to read and write?

Sample Answer:

Well, I would love to tell you about my favourite place apart from home where I like to read or write, and it is a public park neighbouring my home. It is a remarkably beautiful place full of trees. It is a home of many magnificent birds such as sparrows, pigeons, and parrots. The local administration has been doing the maintenance of this park from the last many years, and they are doing it very well.

Where is it?

It is just a minute walk away from my home. I usually go there every morning for my morning walk. I enjoy my time spending there. After doing a walk for an hour, I sit there on the grass under the shady trees and read news from the android application of The Newyork Times and sometimes, I take the hardcopy of the newspaper with me to read. It is not like I only like to read there, but I sometimes go there to write my work assignments, especially related to creative writing as I am a content writer.

Why do you go there?

The primary reason to go there for reading and writing is because of the environment, which is quite amiable with the blend of nature. I am fond of such places which have plenty of trees and birds. I have never seen more 2-3 people there. Due to these, I find almost pin-drop silence which helps me to focus towards my reading and writing. My daughter also loves to play there with me. Therefore, this is the most excellent place for me to read and write apart from my home.


You can speak about the library, a park, a friend’s home, or a cafe. Now it’s your time to think and “Describe a place where you want to read or write, apart from home?”. It is always a good idea to develop your own answer. Think and Comment your answer in the comment section.

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