Describe a person who you think is very open

Describe a person who you think is very open 

You should say

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • Why do you think this person is very open
  • And explain how you feel about this person

Sample Answer:

I am quite an open-minded person. Therefore, I have many open-minded friends. However, today I will talk about my friend who is open and frank even with strangers. His name is Jacky, and he is my best friend.

I know him since my childhood. We did our education together, and he did pretty well in his academics. 

He does not fear speaking his mind. I would say he is pure at his heart. Whenever some ask for an opinion, he gives a truthful review. He believes in honesty. I guess he is my only honest friend whom I can trust blindly.

Once upon a time, Jacky and I were on a train and going to Goa for vacations. During our journey, some of our co-passengers were going to a wedding. One of them got ready on the train. After getting dressed, he asked his friends how do I look? His friends said, “Awesome”. 

In reality, the dress-up of that strange guy was pretty weird. Without giving a second, he told him the truth. He gave some tips to make some changes in his clothes. The strange guy followed his advice, and in the end, he was looking pretty decent and handsome. 

I really like his honesty. It is hard to find such a person in life who is intelligent and honest at the same time. 

Thank You!

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