Describe a family which you like and are happy to know

Describe a family which you like and are happy to know

you should say

  • Who they are
  • Where they live
  • How you know them
  • And explain why you like them.

Sample Answer:

Well, I am a native of India, but I live in Malaysia on a work permit. Today, I will talk about that family whom I love. They are the owner of my house, which I rented in 2017. They are amazing people, and all the family members are amicable. There are five members in this family. The head of the family is Mr. Sharma, and he lives with his wife and three handsome boys.

Where they live?

We all live in the same house. I live on the first floor, and they are on the ground floor. It is a beautiful house located in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur city, and it is the capital of Malaysia. The location of our home is perfect. It is close to everything, whether it is a school, hospital, or the metro station. In addition to this, a big shopping mall is just a stone’s throw away from this property.

How do you know them?

I met them the first time in a restaurant, and I went there to have my breakfast. The owner of the restaurant introduced me to them. That is how I met them for the first time. Later I moved into their home as a tenant. They helped me a lot to get settled. As a bachelor, it was an arduous job to moving to a new house. They are pretty kind and helpful people.

Explain why you like them?

In 2018, I met with an accident, and it was Mr. Sharma and his family who took care of me at the hospital. They consider me as I am their own son. For me, they are like my real family. Therefore, I have no reason not to like such a generous family.

Thank You!

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