Describe an area of science that interests you 

Describe an area of science that interests you 

You should say

  • What it is
  • How you learned about it
  • Why are you interested in it

Sample Answer:

I would like to talk about that field of science that interests me. It is a Space Science. Since childhood, I have a deep curiosity to learn about life beyond the blue planet. I love reading about the environment outside the earth.

First time I learned about it when I was in 8th grade. There was a chapter named Milky Way. This chapter changed my viewpoint towards science. After that, I started reading a lot about space science. If someone calls me crazy for astronomy, it would not be wrong. To learn more about astronomy, I surf websites related to this field. I prefer the website of Nasa to gather knowledge of the outer world. Apart from that, I read space magazines too. The name of the journal is Air & Space.

Recently, I saw a video released by Nasa. It is about the activities that happened in the Sun during the period of the last 10 years. Basically, it is a time-lapse. The high-definition video is simply mind-blowing. It would mesmerize anyone who has a love for space science. 

I am not sure why I like Space Science, but I definitely enjoy reading about it and watching stuff linked with the outer world. This particular field of science makes me feel happy and energetic. I always wanted to be an astronaut, but unfortunately, the study of astronomy is pretty expensive. Therefore, I keep upgrading myself with the free knowledge available on the internet.

Thank You!

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