Family Vocabulary

Joint Family:

Sam was living in a joint family with his grandparents and uncles.


Nuclear family:

Smith was living in a nuclear family with his wife and a daughter.



Mr Dave congratulates the newly married couple.



She gave divorce to her drunken husband because he beat her badly.



Nurturing a child for a single-parent is a quite difficult job.



Children love sweets.



Sam and his siblings went to play soccer.



Children become wiser when they become adolescents.



A few parents believe they need to be strict with their children to make sure they conduct well.



Lisa was raised by her mother in very arduous conditions.


Nurture: Verb

Sam was nurtured by his parents in a close-knit family.


Nurturing: Gerund

Nurturing is the act of nourishing and caring for someone or something


Bring Up: Verb

Sam was brought up in a close-knit family.  /  The upbringing of the child was done in a close-kit family.


Upbringing: Noun

The upbringing of a child needs to be done with love and care.

Foster parents:

Michael was raised by his foster parent until the age of 18.


Formative years:

sam’s parents taught him good habits during his formative years.


Child Neglect:

The childcare department took action on the father who neglected his child.


Responsible Parent:

Every parent needs to be a responsible parent.


Overprotective Parents:

Sometimes overprotective parents ruin their children’s life by putting unnecessary restrictions.



After the death of his parents, he was adopted by a newly wedded couple.